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Cooperating Funds Providers

Cooperating Fund’s Providers are providers who accept the Funds’ payment as payment in full and agree not to balance bill beneficiaries for covered services (except for copayment amounts). There are approximately 23,000 Cooperating Funds Providers representing a full range of services including primary care physicians, specialty physicians, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care agencies.

If you obtain care from a provider who does not cooperate with the Funds, the provider may balance bill you for charges that exceed the Funds fee schedule. The unpaid balance may be turned over to a collection agency or reported to a credit bureau. The Funds’ Hold Harmless Program can provide assistance should this occur, but beneficiaries should choose a Cooperating Funds Provider whenever possible.

Cooperating Funds Providers are listed in the Cooperating Fund’s Provider Directory linked below. After you make your provider location and specialty selections, you can either save the directory or email it to your email address. The directory will then appear in an easy to read and printable format. Click the link below to begin your search:

The Call Center at 1-800-291-1425, option 2, can also help beneficiaries select Cooperating Funds Providers.